Uganda is served by a number of insurance companies covering a wide range of insurance policies.

Travel Insurance

It is a condition of travel that all visitors must have adequate insurance if they intend to take on a tour in Uganda. The insurance should fully cover medical expenses, death, accident, personal injury, illness, repatriation in the case of accidents, curtailment or cancellation of a tour, damage to, or theft of the clientsa�� personal property.

Activities with a greater inherent risk, such as swimming in lakes, bungee jumping, water rafting, animal tracking and mountaineering should also be covered.

Evacuation insurance

Visitors are advised to purchase evacuation insurance before visiting or traveling to Uganda. PCNSE It should cover evacuation in case of health and accidents.

Health insurance

We recommend that visitors to Uganda purchase the necessary health insurance for themselves. Tour operators in Uganda will and are not liable to sickness of a client as a direct or indirect consequence of traveling or visiting the country.

Visitors who are interested in local insurance cover policies are advised to purchase a third party insurance which can be obtained at the border or airport for a pocket friendly fee.